New age Journo students: Blogging their way forward

The modern day journalism student must have various skills, attributes and tools in their arsenal in order to become a successful journalist.  One of the most important tools is an effective blog.

The key to developing your writing skills and adding your unique voice to a sea of others is to establish your ‘brand’ and niche on an interesting, informative and unique blog. Blogging is the best platform for journo students looking to explore their views, develop researching abilities and get a feel of what the rest of the journalism world is up to. With a blog, you are able to share your informed opinions and views in a space where other bloggers can read and comment on your writing, enabling you to improve in areas you didn’t know you were lacking. Blogging also helps build your portfolio. These days, every news agency wants to see what you’ve written, and what better way to showcase your skills than on your blog? Journalists are their work, and blogging is a super effective way to sell your unique writing and persona.

Journalism students who are looking to go far in the field need to start blogging – it’s the best thing you can do for your career!

As a student journalist, I know how important it is to build your brand and create a unique opinion that will attract the right people. On that note, here is an introduction to my blog, myself and what I would like to accomplish with FreshMind365.


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